Music From The Succubus Club

Music From The Succubus Club

Various Artists

Dancing Ferret

Otherwise known as the soundtrack to Vampire: The Masquerade (you know… that cult frenzy gothic card game), this compilation throws together the Mission U.K. and twelve other bands with possibly tracks recorded exclusively for this release. We start out with an electro-gothic jig of sorts, and then move forwards from there into more post goth disco darkness. Some with more industrial tendencies, some that hearkens back to the days of Sisters of Mercy or, hey, remember the Nephilim? Nothing like hearing a cross between Peter Murphy and Andrew Eldritch crooning to a techno beat. A couple of female vocal tracks which always bring out the shadows, but too many songs with that same keyboard synth beat keeping dark time. Whatever happened to good old Darkwave?

Dancing Ferret Discs, 1939 Catherine St., #3F, Philadelphia, PA 19143;

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