My Favorite

My Favorite

Joan of Arc Awaiting Trial

Double Agent

Each single track on this EP is better than most bands’ entire album. The first in a trio of EPs to be issued this year, My Favorite has certainly piqued my expectations. Building upon the strength of last year’s release, Love at Absolute Zero, My Favorite continue to explore the domain of lost youths and teenager/adolescent angst without resorting to the overbearing, musical chest-beating so characteristic of the nineties. Although often mistaken as a retro or novelty band, My Favorite makes some of the finest pop music around. Rooted in what was once termed “new wave,” this band reflects an amalgamation, of sounds and styles while all the while retaining an awareness of the awkwardness of youth. If you remember John Hughes’ films fondly and consider New Order and the Smiths two of the finest bands ever, this album is for you.

Double Agent Records, Box 400082, Cambridge, MA 02140;; My Favorite, PO Box 413, Saint James, NY 11780

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