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The Chandler Travis Philharmonic

Let’s Have A Pancakes!

Sonic Trout

It takes a lot of m-m’s to be the leader of a big-ass band and put your name on the affair. Though the CTP seems to number only five official members, at times it sounds like a roomful of relaxed musicians, trading influences and riffing together. The huge sound of “That’s What She Said,” a dense romp with abundant energy, is followed up by “This Is Home,” a gentle piece with horn arrangements worthy of George Martin. “Bob What’s-Is-Name” is next, a jaunty number with an old-time melody that sticks to your head like cotton candy. Further on, we get “Nature Boy,” a jammy rave-up for cube-dwellers. “Say When” is about as opposite as you can go from the opening exuberance – a low and quiet pop song whose hooks carefully set themselves.

The recording dates from 1997, but doubtless the CTP sounds as timeless now as it did then, and will for some time to come. Good music is funny that way.

Sonic Trout, Box 1544, Orleans, MA 02653;

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