The Blue Module

Doomsday Club

Zero to sixty in zero seconds. These three songs grab hold of you immediately and don’t let go at any point. The opening guitar riff soars over a solid driving beat that perfectly supports Rene Alvarez’s up close and anguished vocal. It keeps pumping and building to track two, which sports a thumpy funk with the coolest slithery bass line. “I’m your transceiver, hear me,” he cries, until the hatch door shuts unexpectedly behind you and you’re floating in a spacewalk with no guarantee of retrieval. But soon re-entry is granted and you’re once again awash in a sea of smashing chords.

Track three is even heavier with a pure rock commitment in the chorus and a caring, petting verse. These songs seem a bit more simply arranged than Sixo’s last two releases (both excellent), though Rene has sacrificed no passion or emotion and appears to have added even more devotion and personal exposure.

The power in this trio of songs overshadows just about anything I’m hearing out there in the marketplace today and eats them for breakfast. A great bunch of songs to have on your side.

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