Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere

Chorus Of One

No Idea

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Strike Anywhere carry with them a lot of the same anthemic spirit and driving energy as felt and heard in other bands from that town, most notably Inquisition and Avail, but the best incarnation of it I’ve heard yet. I’ve always loved that first Inquisition seven-inch in particular — such fiery songs of standing strong together. The same sentiment is embodied here, and the music’s not so far off either. No surprise that the lyrics and vocals are from the same person.

Strike Anywhere are one of those bands that are immediately catchy, as shown by the amount of people at the Gainesville Fest last year who were caught up in them on first listen. There are two songs from the demo CD they had with them at the time, re-recorded. The other four are all new songs. I have been making a themed mix tape of anthems for a friend. Most of these songs will be on it. Straight-ahead, catchy punk with great lyrics made for raising spirits and voices together.

No Idea Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604,,

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