Sunday’s Best

Sunday’s Best

Poised To Break


Crashing in with a raging pop hook that makes me think of the Police, but more energetic, and even in the songs clean sound you get a pure raw edge. The guitar drives and the vocals go straight through you, leaving the hook in your throat until you’re singing for days. When the mood slides down to a more steady breath pace, the vocals move up into the atmosphere, and float, achingly. There’s a cohesive element in the songs, one that ties the album together through the perfect stars of sometimes pop punk and sometimes almost 80’s rock glitters of inspiration. The lyrics make you feel, either in that heartbreak I can relate way, or with just a simple smile. Indie hearts here, beating with sounds that match your soul, and as long as the music plays… this summer will never end. Anthems for right now, my room fills with guitar, and sometimes it gets so sad you could weep, sometimes… it’s like the perfect Sunday, and you just grin like the music.

Polyvinyl Record Co., P.O. Box 1885, Danville, IL 61834-1885;

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