The Wrong Way Home

The Wrong Way Home

A Tribute to Supertramp


These bands — Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers, Free Range Pilgrim, Not Funny Anymore and Hell on Wheels — either purposefully or by accident completely skewer Supertramp’s bloated glory. In the hands of these people, five Supertramp tracks take on an evil glimmer, as the tortured melodies and sometimes-androgynous vocals have everything that’s comfortable stripped from them and reassembled into something to look at but not sit on. Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers’ “Dreamer” sounds like the raving confession of a declining manic. “The Logical Song” (by Hell on Wheels) sounds like the last stop before Suicide City, a loosely plodding rendition of depressing proportions. This is not your typical tribute album — it’s ideal for both Supertramp lovers and haters.

Urinine Records, 6808 Madison Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46227;

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