White Out


Lush and swerving rock and roll, with guitar straining moments that sometimes remind me of early U2 intros, and sometimes the hush and the drive come together in more shoegazed melancholia. The rock stays strong though, with some solid vocals and background harmonies that just pull you into singing along. There are some good pop hooks, but there’s something very… spacious about these songs. Not as in airy and full of holes, but as in they fill the room. A very clean and wide sound that moves from guitar heavy rides to more moody highways. This band could almost fall into that alternative band category, with the sometimes harshed out vocals and dirty bass, but throwing in some nice use of loops and noise samples, and just the structure and movement of the songs, keeps Verbow on their own path.

Sony Music, 550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022

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