Most musicians detest being labeled “pop.” That’s a compliment to Casey Fundaro. The singer/songwriter carries on a tradition of pop that predates the birthdays of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. “Power pop,” whose practitioners worship the almighty melodic hook and tight harmonies, summon upon the Beatles, the Who, or the Kinks for inspiration. Casey Fundaro’s band Flamingo carries the power pop torch on their sole release, 1999’s self-titled disc on Not Lame Records Limited. It’s filled with songs that stay glued to your mind. Tracks such as the infectiously catchy “Dutch Master” and “Valentine” bring to mind such seventies post-Beatles rockers as Big Star, Badfinger and the Raspberries. But Flamingo is only one of Fundaro’s musical passions. His current obsession is Fufkin.com, a Web site he’s created dedicated to power pop, ’60s garage bands, and alternative country, to name just a few. “I wanted to create a place where people could gather and share their thoughts on the music they love,” says Fundaro. “These are artists that I feel should be at the top of the charts.” He has lofty goals. “I’d like it to be the Yahoo! of melodic music.” On the site, music enthusiasts can join in on chats and message board discussions. Plus, the site acts as a musician finder for those who have difficulty locating like-minded musicians. But, if you’re looking for a “shredder” or a frontman for your rap-metal band… this isn’t the place for you.

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