Kill The Whales Foundation

Kill The Whales Foundation

Obviously a labor of love for one Jurgen “Why, if we could get every member to kill just one whale a year, it would really be significant. Thank you.” Olyak, founder of the Kill the Whales Foundation.

“The Kill The Whales Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the termination and eventual genocide of whales and whale-related species. Our goal may not be met in this lifetime, but with your help, our children may someday live in a better place, free of the whale.” Jurgen’s easy-to-navigate and reliable Web site is complete with tips on technique, whale hunt schedules, bulletin boards, commentary and even a “Lil’ Whaler’s Club” page (for the kids). I found his report on pilot whale killing a much-needed update to the photo spread in an old National Geographic I had lying around. There’s lots of solid rational for Jurgen and friends’ hatred of these creatures, see for yourself. They did, however, expel a member for clubbing seals, something they’re against.

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