AFI Rooolz, dood!

Umm, I don’t know who you are thinking you can judge AFI so harshly, if you had even an ounce of the writing talent this band had, you wouldn’t be stuck writing a page about how you hate everything. You think Davey is whiny, look at yourself making a whole Web page dedicated to your bitching about everyone who has made something of their lives, while you sit at home being jealous of them.

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[Editors Note: It took us some time to figure out that what this yutz was yammering about was Allie Gore’s review of AFI’s Black Sails in the Sunset, which appeared in our July 1999 issue and is still available on our Web site.]

Allie Gore responds: I guess you didn’t realize that my review is actually a very small part of the Ink 19 Web site. is an online magazine dedicated all genres of music, as well as movies, books, and the Internet. There are several people who put a lot of hard work and many hours into putting Ink 19 online; the Web site has online-only exclusives as well as unabridged versions of many of the reviews and interviews that are published in the print edition. It is far from a Web site dedicated soley to my personal forums.

And I don’t hate everything, just shitty music.

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