People Don’t Kill Guns…


This is in response to the article [“Nazi Moms March Off,” October 2000 issue] written by David Lee Beowulf. First of all, I like Ink 19, but when I read an article that is complete shit, I have to let you know. Guns kill, pretty fuckin’ simple. But I know, guns don’t kill, people do. Wrong. In Europe last year, they had around twenty handgun deaths, but in America we had around 20,000 handgun deaths. Shit, being an American, I get a hard on just talking about guns.

Now you’re going to tell me that not having guns and not having deaths has no relation to having and having deaths. Also, the Second Ammendment does not guarantee your right to have a gun, it’s not an absolute. The same goes for the First Ammendment, I can’t run into a crowded theatre and scream “fire!” Think about it.

Finally, if you think that gun control is a way for the government to disarm the people so that they can run all over us, wake up! They already have with TV! No one gets of their couch. You really think your 9mm is going to be effective against an F-16? Good luck, sweetheart.

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David Lee Beowulf responds: Dear reader,

You don’t know what you’re talking about.


David Lee Beowulf

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