7 Seconds

7 Seconds

Scream Real Loud

Side One Dummy

Still at it, and not losing the energy. This CD, recorded live in LA just a few months ago (April 2000), makes believe in music. Makes me know that for every fly-by-night make-a-million-and-get-out supposed rock band, there are bands like this who play for the love of playing. Yeah, so there are those who have their problems with this band, but hell… not everyone can love everyone. The recording isn’t totally slick, but it’s better that way. The drums speed through, the bass gets your head shaking, and the guitar makes you scream. You get the choruses stuck in your throat, you sing along, and you’re young and slam dancing again. You can hear the crowd singing along, you can hear them lovin’ it all. All 26 songs, and, of course, a brilliant, punked-out, sing-along cover of “99 Red Balloons.” It’s about more than the haircuts and the tattoos, it’s about sweating for the love of music. From the anthemic “If the Kids are United” to the grand two-minute finale of “Walk Together, Rock Together,” 7 Seconds keep you moving, keep you smiling, keep you believing.

Side 1 Recordings, 6201 Sunset Blvd., Suite 211, Hollywood, CA 90028; http://www.side1.com

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