Bride of No No

Bride of No No

B.O.N.N. Apetit!


From the ashes of the Scissor Girls rises Azita’s new band, Bride of No No. While not indulging in the fragmented, frenetic no-wave of the Scissor Girls, Bride of No No is pensive, but not lacking in power. Their noise rock is much more flowing and coherent than the grenade shards of the Scissor Girls, but the longer I listen to it, the more weirded-out it seems. This shit gets genuinely disconcerting, especially on the almost 15-minute long “At the Stranglehold Ballet.” Singer, bassist, and ringleader Azita turns over the phrase “please allow myself to shit a new bird” for what seems like hours, over howling guitar, bass bombs, and the occasional sax growl. She’s got the Diamanda Galas theatricality without the bombast, plus the Fall’s deep, repetitive haziness. Man, I’m never going to get that phrase out of my head.

Atavistic, P.O. Box 578266, Chicago, IL 60657;

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