Burn Witch Burn

Burn Witch Burn

Burn Witch Burn


Before the name Burn Witch Burn paints itself too gothic a portrait, do note that the group contains Rodney Linderman, a.k.a. Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen. Not so dreary anymore, eh? Although the music is hardly reminiscent of his Milkmen days, it isn’t that far-fetched that a man partly responsible for lyrics you couldn’t expect would involve himself with a group you couldn’t expect either — and that is, without a doubt, the oddly ancient-sounding Burn Witch Burn.

On the more somber side of music, Burn Witch Burn pigeonhole themselves as “American Gothic” and, with songs about hanging and assisted suicide, could not deserve it more. This is a collection of old styles and old instruments that stretch back into the 1700s, including a variety of Celtic, Italian and bluegrass influences and the occasional modern punkish mentality. Although a hidden smirk will often shine through the shadowy texture the group’s combination of modern songwriting and ancient ingredients produce, the final product is nothing short of oddly interesting, not to mention that they whip up a version of the Rolling Stones’ “Citadel” that the folks in The Canterbury Tales would like. Burn Witch Burn may be gothic in nature, but it’s historical in context and, most likely, like nothing you’ve heard before.

Razler Records, 2300 Walnut St., No. 612, Philadelphia, PA 18103; http://www.razlerrecords.com

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