Faux Pas Potpourri

Faux Pas Potpourri

Various Artists

Very Small

Here is a companion piece to the lovely display of sounds brought to you by the earlier Four Two Pudding CD compilation. While Four Two Pudding focused on the 1989-1993 era of Very Small/Too Many Records’ illustrious history, Faux Pas Potpourri brings the common man up to date by filling in the fuzzy blanks up to 1999. Sixty-eight songs spread across two CDs, many previously only available on vinyl. If you like David Hayes’ peculiar tastes in irreverent alcohol-fueled, often country-soaked, wry (rye?) punk rock and noisy hardcore (as do I) and happened to miss most of this the first go ’round (as did I), well, now’s your chance. All the original hits in all their glory. I speak the truth! Choice cuts from Econochrist, Logical Nonsense, Grimple, Schlong, Elmer, Horny Mormons, Sick N Tired, Blanks ’77, Pinhead Gunpowder, Your Mother, the Chili Pimps, Gitchee Gumee, Lopez, J Church, Bobba Fett Youth, J Church, Melt Banana, Rumbleseat, Hellworms, Hot Water Music (doing “Wild in the Streets”?!), and a jillion others. This makes me want to search for more. It also makes me want to pull out that 100 band Wood Panel Pacer Wagon With Mags LP comp. Fantastic!

Just The Tumwater Boys Choir’s “Spokane Washtin” alone makes this a must-have for any home. Plus, lots of nice doggy pictures. Gotta love the doggies.

Very Small Records, P.O. Box 3233, Portland, OR 97208; mailorder through No Idea Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604; http://www.noidearecords.com

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