Gentlemen Start Your Engines


Don’t expect more of the same from this band. Where their debut, A Sad Ride on the Line Again, was full of introspective and beautiful slowness, this new release picks up the pace. Heading for those emo hills, and doing a damn fine job of navigating the peaks and valleys. They know how to go down and quiet, and now they bring it up… build it up… and it shines. Not as pop-driven as the Get Up Kids and not as soaringly fragile as Mineral. Dynamic and unforgiving, and still holding the tenderness of their last album, but this time there’s more anger… more emotion. Hopefully, the next album will continue in the way this one did… growing up, getting better, and remembering all the good that came before.

Doghouse, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623

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