Galloping Coroners

Galloping Coroners

Dancing With the Sun


During their reign in the ’70s, Germany’s Amon Duul II conjured up an acid-drenched tribal maelstrom of unparalleled progressive-rock genius. Theirs was music that combined a free communal vibe with a desire to find uncharted sonic territory through extended ritualistic workouts. When it clicked, boy, the Gods were present. The Galloping Coroners are one of the few bands since A.D.II went south to truly conjure that spirit. The proof is right here on this disc, compiled from live recordings. Dense and swirling with percussion, strings, and wind, these tracks build and build until ecstasy is the only alternative. Aiding this state is the native Hungarian tongue that turns potentially vapid lyrics into primal yelps. Though I must admit, deep into the disc, it’s the overly persistent bellows of their vocalist that breaks me out of trance. Nevertheless, when they click, the Coroners are a glorious shining beast.

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