Feather on the Wind

Oginali Productions

Plateaus and mesas spot the red sunset lined horizon. The wise, sage-like Native-American sits and ponders amidst this backdrop of rich, lush flute choirs supported by sparkling acoustic guitars. Intermittent interjections of piano, a violin, or some light hand drumming keep the community spirit alive. The pondering is gentle and hopeful, sometimes dismayed, and occasionally reassuring. Yes, pensively peaceful.

Golana means “Raven,” who is Scott Cunningham, of Cherokee descent. Feather on the Wind is music that, by the artist’s definition, wishes peace, love, and positive things for you as you journey through life, winds, and clouds. Even some Indian folklore is put forth musically, since the album is instrumental, relying largely on the depth of tone in the flutes to voice these tales, feelings, and wishes. And those are re-affirmed with titles such as “All Good Medicine,” “Alleluia,” “Soft Winds,” “Walks Alone Man,” and the title track.

Feel the pain and inspirations of a people. Feel the major themes of betrayal and future hopes in minor keys. Sense the feather on the wind, “always sustained and guided by an invisible hand, and though tossed about, never alone.”

Oginali Productions, (818) 708-2387, http://www.oginali.com

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