Hankshaw EP

Apt. 13

It’s been way too long since Hankshaw have graced us with something new. Thankfully the wait has been well worth it. Hankshaw’s pop melodies were pretty glossy to begin with, but apparently their hibernation time was spent further polishing the surface to a brilliantly bright, smooth finish. Harold’s vocals soar more gracefully than ever amidst melodies that exemplify melancholy yearning. While things seem somewhat sweet on the outside, the lyrics are dark, pessimistic fare. Which is exactly how I like it. Would I want to hear Hankshaw writing happy songs about playing ball in the park? Not really. Besides, no doubt a window would end up getting broken somehow and all the kids would wind up shifting blame on poor Harold.

It’s the contrasts that hook me in the most with this, the sweet with the hidden sour. The way their songs are such clean and shiny pop gems yet have a touch of grit and force. The dark underbelly discovered under closer examination. They sure know how to craft great songs.

http://www.apt13.com/records; http://www.hankshaw.com

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