With the seemingly endless stream of teeny-bop girl groups, it almost makes one yearn for the old days of, say, the Spice Girls (the Geri Halliwell version, of course). i5 is the latest quintet to compete with the Brittneys, Mandys, Jennifers, and B’witcheds. They’ve got the all the demographics covered with Anglo, Hispanic, African-American, and Asian girls in the group. The only thing they’ve left out is anything in their sound to make them stand out from the pack. i5 lacks any identifiable gimmick or strong songs to help propel them. Hopefully, we are seeing the end of the youth movement in music; however, I fear we are in for more and more major label acts who don’t have their driver’s licenses.

http://www.i5girls.com, http://www.giantrecords1.com

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