Jebediah / Jimmy Eat World

Jebediah / Jimmy Eat World

Split EP

Big Wheel Recreation

Jimmy Eat World picked the wrong band to do a split EP with, because the four Aussies known as Jebediah easily make them look embarrassingly inferior. The EP features three songs from each band and starts off with Jimmy Eat World, who are at best a mediocre rock band that, on one of the songs, puts their listeners through an incredibly irritating and cliché chorus including the line, “I’m taking my kisses back from you.” Jebediah, on the other hand, know how to rock with a poppy attitude and an ear for catchy structures. Their singer has a distinctive presence about him, singing in a somewhat-nasally voice while sounding passionate-but-not-whiny and driving the band’s well written and unique tunes. The EP is definitely a good introduction into Jebediah, who are just starting to make a name for themselves in America — but just getting one of their full-length albums might be wiser.

Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave. #24, Boston, MA 02115;

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