Big Wheel Recreation

Yes, another fine band is gone, but with the music there… there’s always the chance that the band will continue to create, just not together. As endings go, this collection of songs from the band’s last recording session, as well as some songs collected from various singles, is a good one. It leads straight into knowing that more will come. The songs start out reminding me of a more laid-back Jimmy Eat World, but there’s definitely more in there. There’s an ache that pierces through, held in the vocals, but the ache is quickly subdued as the band goes up, up, and away. Pulling out the dynamic guitar-pop. Araby singing more than I remember her singing on previous releases, and it’s good to hear that voice. It’s good to hear this, say good-bye, a fine farewell.

Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave. #24, Boston, MA 02115;

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