Loud Rocks

Loud Rocks

Various Artists


This album is very well one of the most interesting I have listened to this year. Loud Rocks is a compilation CD of rock bands and rappers who have collaborated together to remake classic hip-hop tracks. The album starts out with System of a Down and Wu Tang Clan doing “Shame,” which is a remake of the Wu Tang Clan track “Shame on a Nigga.” I’d say that the most interesting song is the joint effort of Sick of it All and Mobb Deep doing “Survival of the Fittest.” Imagine Sick of it All at their angriest, and then alternating back and forth between that and the slick rhymes and beats of Mobb Deep. Other memorable tracks include Ozzy and Wu Tang doing “For Heaven’s Sake,” and Static X and Dead Prez doing “Hip Hop.” If you remember the soundtrack for the movie Judgement Night, which came out a few years ago, this album has the similar concept of rock/rap collaboration.

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