Man or Astroman?

Man or Astroman?

A Spectrum of Infinite Scale

Touch and Go

Who would have thought that Man or Astroman? was in it for the long haul? Or that nearly ten years after their first attempts at Earth colonization, not only would they be successful, but well-respected and viewed as benevolent masters. A Spectrum of Infinite Scale dispenses with the long-ago tradition of sci-fi samples in order to concentrated more on majestic — even classically-inspired — instrumental structures. No longer content to be just another over-reverberated grouping of surf music enthusiasts (not for a couple of albums now), Man or Astroman? clearly demonstrated their superior un-Earthly intelligence by crafting eerie compositions with as many twists and turns as a close orbit around a binary star. The ending of the calculated pacing on “Curious Constructs of Stem-Like Devices Which Now Prepare Themselves to be Thought of as Fingers” is as tense and nerve-wracking as its title. In fact, the titles themselves are compositions worth noting, such as “Obligatory part 2 song in which there is no presently existing part 1, nor the plans to make one” and “Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together at a Rave and Schmoozing with a Brick.” Also features sparkling production from Dr. Steve Albini…

Touch and Go, P.O. Box 25520, Chicago, IL 60625

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