Om Lounge 4

Om Lounge 4

Various Artists


The fourth in this series of collections that seems to be getting steadily more popular with the kids. A groove-ridden showcase for the label, this volume cuts in with a nice lounge-stylin’ midtempo groove that carries through. Some shifts to downtempo melancholy minimal drum n’ bass, like electronica for the psychedelic and stoned. Sometimes much sweeter than that, like just sliding back and holding the one you love for a swing and a slow dance. It’s like liquid, and even when it sounds good, it doesn’t sound too good. These tracks breathe. Featuring Beanfield, opening up the selections… the Jaywalkers cutting in with a finger-snap laid-back side-step, the jazz-lounge velvet of Caspian… and others all making the best contributions to keep this collection held in a solid frame.

OM Records, 245 S. Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94103;

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