Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin

Regrooving The Dream


Patty Larkin’s Regrooving The Dream is a collection of some serious, intelligent, sophisticated, country music. Although not the easiest record to get into, once you get tuned into Larkin’s wavelength, you’re ready to experience some luscious songs. Her songs have a touch of a gothic feel that put her in company with bands like Freakwater and Jim White without actually sounding much like either one. She has a similar view but travels on a different path. Patty Larkin weaves her lyrics around some intricate melodies featuring Larkin on electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, and mandolin. So many folk or country artists have difficulty balancing their lyrical prowess with their musical abilities. Larkin manages to be strong in both areas, thus creating a solid collection of songs.,

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