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Finally got around to dragging my lazy ass over to a theatre to check out the heavily hyped The Filth and the Fury, a superlative effort to be sure, but my attention was distracted from the main event by the colorful group of hangers-on and satellites orbited around the Pistols. To me, Catwoman and Jordan will mean more than Sid Vicious ever did. But that’s just me. There was one young woman, lurking in the background during the infamous Bill Grundy appearance, who looked very striking with a bleached buzzcut and Julie Driscoll-esque makeup. Oh, I do hope she’s aged well… As it turns out, that was Siouxsie Sioux, and as it turns out, that she has aged exceedingly well, both aesthetically and artistically. Listening to U.S. Retrace, I’ve gotta say, I’m glad the Banshees went away. That goddamn peek-a-boo song compared to “Guillotine”? No comparison. Motherfucker, Siouxsie and Budgie are mining deep organic earth rhythms and wrenching forth evil spirits that normally world music would have you believe DO NOT EXIST! But they do, and I’ve seen them again in “All She Could Ask For,” the musical equivalent of a cold chill in a lonely hallway. There’s more, whatever evil forces invaded these new songs have also attacked and corrupted older songs, hence the chalk-outline remixes of “Turn It On.” Did I mention how superlative this is? If in growing up and maturing, we could all have the creative energy and vision that Siouxsie and Budgie are radiating, you better believe I’d be applying for my damn AARP card as soon as The Golden Girls goes to commercial.

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