Few and Far Between


I said it about last year’s Something To Prove EP, and I’ll say it again about this year’s Few and Far Between: Shutdown have their shit together with a capital “T.” A scrappy youth crew for sure, Shutdown aren’t quite as wet-behind-the-ears as their collectively young age might convey, every smart but seriously-NYHC transition, every thick-ass metal-friendly riff, every wizened crack on society and scenes from furious frontman Mark Scondotto emanating a sturdiness and skill beyond their years. Yet, Few and Far Between flies the flag of hardcore pride more frenetically and with more finesse than most others, and isn’t hardcore “all about the kids”? I guess it is, because such kids as Shutdown are not-so-quietly taking it over, storming the front, and busting down the barn doors — “Brooklyn” with a capital “B,” “hardcore” with a capital “go!” Fuckin’ A!

Victory Records, P.O. Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614;

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