Speedy J

Speedy J

A Shocking Hobby


I’m not fazed at all that this record doesn’t sound a whole lot like Jochem Paap’s other records. It seems to be more commonplace for electronic producers to have multiple sides to their art. A Shocking Hobby drifts towards the aggressive sound associated with Germany’s Ant-Zen and Hands labels. Jochem Paap integrates the disparate elements that Oliver Moreau of Imminent (Starvation), Ambre and Axoime toys with; taking only one record to do what Moreau takes five. There’s a sci-fi feel to this record, with its crisp digital feel and otherworldly textures. Tracks like “Drill” have a cinematic feel in their movement, and beg to be matched up to some Matrix-esque gunfighting. “Borax” is appropriately titled, with its noise washes, claxons, and beats as caustic as the cleaner. But, through all its noise and density, the album is surprisingly accessible. The irony is that this sort of things is slowly becoming a part of popular culture through film and television as opposed to radio.

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