The Drop

The Drop

The New Horror Guidelines


Here’s another Seattle band, young and fresh and taking the Seattle sound to new places. It ain’t the rock n’ roll, and it ain’t that Modest Mouse kinda twang. This fits in with bands like Voyager One, Kinski, and the Melody Unit. Strong and ethereal, droning and driving and drifting. Is it post-shoegaze? Is it post-anything? Or is this just another new band making their own way into the world? The guitar builds up slow soundscapes of echo and reverb, bright and delicate. Snowflakes against the heavy underwater push of the bass. The vocals strong and confident, dynamic against the melody. The songs complete and cohesive, and ready to take on the world.

Loveless, 1122 East Pike St., # 1361, Seattle, WA 98112;

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