Sperm Whale

Kill Rock Stars

Fuck. This is huge. I could get all poetic and shit about the grandeur of the Sperm Whale in reference to the massiveness of Thrones’ sounds, but really, it’d be kinda stupid. Thrones is one guy, Joe Preston on bass, drums, tone generators, and effects. He makes the sludgiest, most ugly and pounding noise this side of the SWANS. The vocals are what really throw me off. They tend to be processed into either falsetto or Vocoded moans, or left clean (which is strange enough.) The cover of “Django” is fairly pleasant, and not really evil-sounding. The last “song,” “Obolus,” is 45-minutes long has the slow, pounding drums with, the fuzzed-out bass, bloops a vocoded voice. It ends up turning into a weird sample montage that ends with 20-30 minuets of frog sounds. Oh yeah, Preston was in the Melvins one time. That explains a lot.

Kill Rock Stars, PMB 418, 120 State Street NE, Olympia, WA 98501;

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