One For the Ride

Second Nature

This one I cannot stop listening to. I listen to Waxwing at home, at work, and when I need a change, I throw on singer Rocky Votolato’s recent solo album. His voice makes me feel. Just that. Feel. The guitar wavering and spiraling around the whispered strength of the words. It all makes me feel, and for that I can only give thanks. It’s not something you can throw a label on, it’s indie-emo-folk rock, it’s West Coast brilliance… tying together acoustic beauty and hardcore power with a twine made from the thorns of roses. It’s passionate and sparse but so powerful and full. It lays you to sleep and lets you pray you don’t die before you wake, and it picks you up and lifts you so high. The drums rage river-wide, the bass makes it move, and it’s the lyrics, the voice, the heart of the song that resonates within you. “All my prophets were singers of sad songs…” -Waxwing.

Second Nature, P.O. Box 11543, Kansas City, MO 64138; http://www.secondnaturerecordings.com

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