Dork #8

Dork #8

by Evan Dorkin

Slave Labor Graphics

It sometimes get frustrating that so much time elapses between each issue of Dork, but then again, Evan Dorkin is the busiest man in independent comics. He works on several titles, most notably Milk And Cheese, and writes for various cartoon series, including Space Ghost Coast to Coast. This issue has a color Eltingville Club story as well as a “Fisher Price Theater” adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984. But generally, Dorkin’s funniest bits are the smallest, like the Kinks tribute band that is just the Davies Brothers beating the hell out of each other. Also in that vein are recurring bits like “Myron the Living Voodoo Doll,” “Murder Can Be Fun,” and “Phil, the Disco Skinhead.” Painfully funny stuff.

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