The Raven’s Crucifix

The Raven’s Crucifix

Un-Official Online Raven Resource

Yeah, don’t think that a little offhand disclaimer like “Un-Official” is gonna get you off the hook when Vince McMahon sends his Titan legal pitbulls after you folks. So what I’m saying is, hurry up and visit this wonderful fucking site before it gets shut down, either that or before the sky falls. As an aside, I’m pleased as punch that Raven is in the WWF, where he finally gets the chance to hit all of his cool iconic stances and show off his new slim figure to sold-out arenas every night. But many of the WWF-only fans are certainly going to be curious about the epic roots of this man, and that makes this site even more crucial.

Raven’s Crucifix has got it all — a news section where NO tidbit is overlooked, an archive of match results that goes all the way back to his first stint in ECW, along with various chat and discussion forums. I held back the biggest treasure of them all — enough multimedia to beat the average Web surfer senseless! It’s gorgeous, every little bit of it. Wallpapers, press shots, and galleries chock full of screen captures from televised matches. I’ve not yet been able to wade through them all, but let me stress how invaluable of a resource this is. Bored at work or school? Look at the Raven “Picture of the Day!!!” I bet they even have photos of that time Raven was all bloody wearing a barbed wire halo and striking the Jesus pose… Excuse me, I didn’t realize there were still people here.

If you go there now, you can join in on a discussion about the T-shirts Raven wears as part of his ring attire!!!! Sandman, Swamp Thing, Inhumans!!! And what’s the meaning of those seven messages insinuating that Raven is going bald? HE’S NOT!! HE’S NOT!! HE’S NOT!! Your time couldn’t be spent more productively.

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