Love And Sex

Love And Sex

Directed by Valerie Breiman

Starring Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau

Can a woman be so lame at relationships that she can’t even crank out 2500 perky, optimistic words on the topic for a leading checkout aisle woman’s mag? And hit the deadline? Apparently Kate (Janssen) has this sexual writers block, but to keep her job, she reminisces her past 6 or 7 guys into a Dictaphone until the whole process sickens her to the point that she quits and goes off to find Mr. 14 (Favreau) and accept his proposal. I’m not saying she’s loose, but she did get picked up in the dildo aisle at Earl’s Porn-O-Rama (it’s on Melrose, I think, near La Cienega.) And what do we know of Mr. 14, Adam the Artist? Well, he’s everything you might hope for — witty, sexy, Jewish, an artist who makes enough from bad surrealism to afford a nice house in Brentwood. The moment the camera panned him at an opening in a loft, drinking cheap white wine from a plastic cup, you knew he was perfect and wild sex lay right round the corner. How do they do that — let you know in five seconds the guy is perfect? Must be the lighting.

OK, it’s a fluffy little romance that has those life-affirming values that I normally avoid, but the guy comes around and she realizes the actor with big pecs is just no darn good, and that means your date will love it. Pack some protection and next time make her rent a DeNiro flick with some gunfire. In the long run, everyone will be happier.

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