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Michiku Pro


Easily the best Japanese women’s pro-wrestling site on the net. “All Purpose Cultural Goth Girl” Michiko Kubota maintains and updates this site at least once a week with all the news, results, and photos that the discerning puroresu devotee just has to have! AND she was kind and generous enough to do up the site in English, so us ugly Americans who are too damn lazy to learn another language can sit and bask in all of this godliness. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

What’s my favorite part of the site, you ask? Hands down, it’s the photo gallery of monster punk wrestling demigod Dump Matsumoto. See Dump getting her head shaved after losing a gimmick match! See Dump carving up opponents with various sharp objects! It never gets old. So I hear some of you out there saying, “But I don’t know about any of these wrestlers! Obviously I’m fucking sick and tired of Lita and Jackie, but where does a beginner jump in?” Glad you asked, for Michiku has undertaken the mammoth task of compiling a “Beginner’s Guide to Joshi Puroresu” and it is only right and proper that we pay her the respect of memorizing every single word in the bloody thing. What else? Tape reviews. And? Show results from the last three years in every major women’s promotion. More? All the pictures that you missed from the Japanese wrestling mags. Hooked yet? There are detailed profiles of between 60-70 influential wrestlers hereabouts. If I ever end up a dad, I’m gonna read the Aja Kong profile to my kids as a bedtime story. Give in! The world does not revolve around T&A, silicone, and toilet humor! Let the revolution begin!

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