My Favorite Toy Was…

Andy (Marshmallow Coast)


• •

Mike Landucci (Blackbean & Placenta Records)

The Odyssey 2 home video game system

• •

Ahrue Luster (Machine Head)

Micronauts, SST Racers, TCR Racing Set, vibrating football game, Legos, Millennium Falcon, die-cast U.S.S. Enterprise, and the Six Million Dollar Man

• •

Ken Dyber (L’altra)

Transformers, skateboard

• •

Atom Goren (Atom & His Package)

Srat-O-Matic baseball

• •

Jeff Hogan (d.i.y. Records/GO TEAM! Records)

Stretch Armstrong

• •

James Michael

A vaccuum cleaner

• •

Jade Lemons (Injected)

Evel Knievel stunt cycle

• •

Stacey Earle

A pogo stick.

• •

Dan Geller (Kindercore Records/I Am the World Trade Center)


• •

Pigpen (Girlush Figure)

GEM Barbie and other Barbies

• •

Captain (Girlush Figure)

My blue sparkled bicycle

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