18 Great Songs from SlipstreamPresents.com

18 Great Songs from SlipstreamPresents.com

Various Artists


If you’re at all interested in indie or alternative rock, you should give this album a shot. Last time I checked, the cost was a mere two dollars, so that comes out to 11 cents a song. If you really don’t like it, you can microwave it and use it as a coaster, and you’ll STILL get your money’s worth. But on to the music. It has everything from folk songs to drinking songs to your average indie songs. The label is based out of Miami, and most of the music on the sampler seems at least decent. This sampler is a great way to discover underground artists like Gift Horse (track seven), who have a tight, mellow sound. Definitely a sampler worth looking into.

Slipstream Presents, P.O. Box 331351, Miami, FL 33233-1351; http://www.slipstreampresents.com

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