Alien Crime Syndicate

Alien Crime Syndicate

From The Word Go


Pure pop-rock feel-good outer-space superstar sonic sweets. These guys are rockstars, but that’s the whole point… you do it well, but you don’t take it seriously. Like you don’t go to see Independence Day expecting it to be an intricate plot with good dialogue. It’s not intellectually stimulating, but man… those effects are fun! That’s this band. It’s a good time with great hooks, and you just have to let go and blast off. You get the words stuck in your head, so you’re singing along and playing air guitar, and it just feels like summer. Space out against the rhythms, let the guitar lift you, and be a shooting star. “Earth girls are cool / Earth girls are crazy / And it’s true / Earth girls are cool.

Will Records, 1202 E. Pike Street, Suite 511, Seattle, WA 98122;

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