13 Ways to Bleed on Stage


Spooky and evil abound on this album, produced by none other than Fred Durst. I get the feeling that Cold is trying to be marketed as the Next Big Thing. I’m sure that the recent mainstream success of the Deftones will help them out. Take Eddie Vedder and have him sing Deftones covers with some good old Korn evilness thrown in, and you have Cold. This album drones on and on about drugs, or something. I don’t know. Cold creates a dark soundscape with deep, booming bass and moody, distorted guitar. Occasionally the band gets angry, like in “Anti-Love Song,” and things pick up, but for the most part, life with Cold is quite depressing. Expect to see them on TRL one day. The liner notes are pretty cool. I’m going to cry myself to sleep now.

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