DJ Assault

DJ Assault

Off the Chain for the Y2K


Sonically, Off the Chain for the Y2K is a unremitting, steaming blast of Frankie Knuckles’ high-velocity Detroit techno filtered through the dirty south twin towers of boom: DJ Magic Mike’s skull-rattling Miami bass and Luther Campbell’s porno-rap potty-talk. Ergo, DJ Assault is just that — an assault. The sheer breakneck-speed of Off the Chain‘s 83(!) tracks makes the record near un-danceable, the hilariously concise track length — from a succinct four seconds to an almost-anthemic 138 seconds — makes hooks entirely impossible, high-pitched scratching and headache-inducing noise pierces the deepest crevasse of your tympanic membrane, and the profane sampled “lyrics” (“You gotta suck it/Before I fuck it/You gotta get it stiff and hard before I fuck it“) are enough to make Al Goldstein blush. If this is a genuine dance record for the clubs, lowriders, and Caddies of the nation, then it is a modest, if not confounding, effort. If this is a cacophonous, irony-tinged hip-hop contribution to the digital hardcore nation, then it is damn near flawless.

Intuit-Solar, P.O. Box 250584, Bloomfield, MI 48325;

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