In Here We Fall


All of the great albums over time work as a cohesive collection of songs rather than a mere collection of tracks thrown together as quickly as possible. Within that category of “great albums,” the best of the best have a balance between loud, in-your-face songs and soft, melodic tunes. Electrasy hits the nail on the head with this album. The CD opens with a rock-rap song that leaves a bit to be desired, but goes on to the singable choruses in songs like “Morning Afterglow” that have a sound similar (though far superior) to Oasis. At other times, their vocals resemble Our Lady Peace and For Squirrels. Every song after the first is exceptional, whether it’s screaming rock-rap (like “Foot Soldiers”) or largely acoustic (like “In Here We Fall”). And even though the genre of the individual tracks varies greatly, Electrasy maintains their distinct sound as a band throughout the album, so the songs work together. No description could do justice to their sound because they use effects and instruments at all the right times. They don’t overdo the string accompaniments they have, and they turn their guitar effects off and on as needed. The bass is more prominent when it needs to be, and the piano is only used when it fits with the sound of the song. Too often these days, a band finds a sound that they can call their own and they keep everything the same: distortion, instrumentation, levels, etc. Please, for your own sake, look Electrasy up on Napster (quick! While it’s still legal), but take it from me, don’t burn it. You want the whole album produced for marketing, along with the 12-panel collage and the multimedia presentation on the disc.

Arista Records, 6 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019-3913; http://www.arista.com

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