Minty Fresh

Sometimes writing about music is so mind-twisting. I go from the stoned ’70s rock of Elevator straight to the pop-touched ’80s delight of Floraline. The vocals lilt and dance across a steady, almost-disco beat, and I’m waiting for the handclaps. The melodics are right there, in that keyboard sound that takes you back to Pretty In Pink. There’s a beauty in this, a pleasure and passion that keeps it from being just an ’80s-sounding band. The guitar, light and fresh, the vocals, almost sounding like they’re being sung by a French pop star. Somewhere between St. Etienne and Ivy, perhaps… perhaps somewhere just following their own stars. There’s a sadness to some of these songs, but not depressing. You still want to hit the nightlife and dance, but maybe you just won’t be grinning as much.

Minty Fresh, P.O. Box 577400, Chicago, IL 60657; http://www.mintyfresh.com

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