Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray

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This is a perfect example of theater rock. It’s a cross between metal and classic rock with a strong emphasis on presentation. This is sort of the Yanni of rock n’ roll and it’s nothing new, but this type of music has gone over well before, so who knows? Apparently, they’ve already put out six albums that have built up a massive fan base for the band. At the root of it all, there are generally the traditional speed-inspired drumbeats and a lot of guitar solos and riffs. The vocals consist of harmonized melodies taking the edge off the harsh guitars. This album is a double disc recorded in Hamburg, and it contains two hours of music, as well as a 28-page booklet with 82 “photos & graphix.” The pictures of the band on stage portray them as a quartet of headbangers stuck on a stage full of props left over from Halloween. To each his own.

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