Icon Of Coil

Icon Of Coil

Serenity is the Devil


From the frigid shores of Norway comes a stellar EBM release worthy of praise. Serenity is the Devil is Icon Of Coil’s new release on Metropolis Records, and combines premier electro programming and melody with moving vocals. The band’s mastermind, Andy LaPlegua, dishes out a tasty assortment of synthesized energy that is guaranteed to bring the masses to their feet. Serenity is the prime example of a new direction in synth-pop and Electronic Body Music that is taking electro technology to new heights. The album’s second track, “Regret,” is a solid dance track with sinister electronics and percussion geared towards the dance floor. Ambient atmospherics combine with vibrant grooves on “Shallow Nation;” delivering a powerful electro punch. The BPM’s are slowed down considerably for the soothing “Down On Me,” showing a deeper side to the band’s creativity. Not long after you are soothed and relaxed, “Former Self” kicks in with bombastic beats and stellar programming. The tracks climactic chorus and massive break make this a true gem.

“Everlasting” picks up the pace with high energy beats and trance textures. Space age sonics introduce “Situations Like These,” which also features the angelic female vocals of computer girl. And just when the listener has been given some time to come up for air, “Fiction” pumps vicious rhythms and aggro vocals into the air with stunning results. For those who like their mercury levels at the boiling point, “Fiction” is the ideal temperature-raising agent. We then move on to “Just Died,” which slows the pace down a bit while providing a highly moving groove. Here, the band show off their vocal production genius, incorporating non-traditional elements. The album culminates with the aptly-titled “Floorkiller.” This mind-blowing synthesized masterpiece proves that Norway’s Icon Of Coil are a musical powerhouse to be reckoned with. Icon Of Coil can claim their ground as serious innovators in their genre and can look forward to high praise on this debut release. Keep your eyes and ears out for IOC at a music shop near you.

Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105; http://www.metropolis-records.com

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