July To October


I’m trying to not use that “emo” word anymore. People are getting upset. So this is catchy, melodic, post-hardcore pop/rock that slips and shifts into moments of quiet bass and drum rhythm before squealing back into guitar mayhem. The lyrics read like short and sweet love/hate angst poems about Boston and Christmas and Virginia and girls and boys. I think my favorite line is, “This time it’s like Christmas and I can’t stop smiling. I saw your teeth.” A few of these songs were recorded by the great J. Robbins, and you can hear it… there’s that Jets to Jawbreaking Burning Jawboxed Airline thing going on at times, but generally it’s a bit… thinner. More punked-out and energetic. But I ain’t gonna say emo.

Doghouse Records, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623;

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