Lovelight Shine

Lovelight Shine

Makes Out

Big Wheel

Just going by the packaging, I’m feeling an MC5 kinda, Black Panther fight-the-hand-that-feeds kinda vibe. You got the American flags, a song called “Freedom Fighter,” a lead singer named Joey Guevara, and the silhouettes of four guys standing with the outline of a big cat. Let’s play this puppy, and see if it rocks like some guitar-crazed jailbreak. Yes! Either I’m some musical psychic, or this is just way too obvious. Rock n’ roll will save you! Although… there’s a stronger attachment here to the British version of freedom rock. Like Oasis and that “rock” record that Primal Scream put out… I’m not saying it’s British, but it’s got more of that Blur feel than something one might rip out of Detroit. Although there’s some nice, gritty, motorpsycho movement at times. The guitars wail, the drums squeal, and you get some Rolling Stone references in the back-up vocals. Get outta jail now, man.

Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave, #24, Boston, MA 02115

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