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Love In Song

An Atlanta Tribute to Sir Paul McCartney


Produced as a benefit for the American Cancer Society, this release brings up two interesting issues. For one, the 20 cuts here make you remember that the Cute Beatle didn’t exactly drop off the face of the earth after 1971 (although whether he should have is an entirely different question). Also, it makes you realize, with some surprise, that Atlanta has quite a few talented artists. Starting off with Big Fish Ensemble’s take on “Love In Song” and taking a long and winding road (hah! Obligatory bad Beatles pun…) to “Singalong Junk” by Dry Time Quartet, most of this CD is a treat. Catfight! smacks you up with a rousing “Girls’ School” and the Blacklight Posterboys do a credible take on “Jet,” long a live staple of their shows. The CD’s most interesting note goes to Tommy Rivers and Rick Richards’ version of “Mumbo,” which, if I remember correctly, was an instrumental. That didn’t seem to deter Rivers from adding words. Hmm. Thankfully, the songs presented here concentrate on Sir Paul’s earlier solo work, sparing us from such utter rubbish as “Silly Love Songs” and “Ebony And Ivory” (perhaps the worst song ever penned, IMHO). Still, some of this stuff hasn’t aged well, but some moments, such as the Chain Poets’ version of “Every Night,” reminds you why McCartney is revered.

Demagogue Productions,

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