Pelican City

Pelican City

Rhode Island

December First

Pelican City is the solo project of Athens, Georgia resident Brian Burton. His first CD, released less than a year ago, was a soundtrack project of some sort, which included an extended remix of the Neutral Milk Hotel song “The Fool,” which turned the song into a bass-heavy, almost-danceable groove thang, a complete 180 from the song’s original funeral-march-type feel. On his second outing, Rhode Island, Burton continues in this same direction, mixing trip-hop beats, minimal scratching, and sampling to create lush instrumental music perfect for late night listening. The end result is basically a lower-fi version of DJ Shadow, Tommy Guererro, or Portishead that is pleasant to listen to, but essentially just reminds you of why you probably already own albums by any of those three aforementioned artists.

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